Social Media Optimisation

Social Media Optimisation

Social media avenues such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can be utilized to raise awareness of your brand through Social Media Optimisation. Search engines like Google and Yahoo place much more significance on these channels due to their high traffic volumes. This increases the importance of your company's communications appealing to these audiences and the search engines, and the importance of adhering to their protocols.

Many businesses can easily build a presence on these social media sites, but we can help you fully capitalize on the broad marketing base that social media provides. We can strategise with you, from building your profile to refining an existing channel. Integrating the social media channels across your company, we can help promote your company at every opportunity.


Benefits of Social Media Optimisation

  • Reach a wider audience through social media channels
  • Receive a specialized strategy, that is tailored to your business needs
  • Keep your business in front of your target audience by accessing channels widely and frequently used

What can we do for you?

  • Set up or build on your professional Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.
  • And social media buttons to your sites for Facebook ‘Likes’, Google Plus 1s, Twitter ‘Tweets’, and LinkedIn Shares
  • Write tailored, SEO-friendly articles to be uploade to your blog to increase traffic and brand awareness