High Rankings - We improve your ranking in Google - Yahoo - Bing

When your customers search on Google, how far down the rankings do they look? Are you high enough on the list? Or is your website just an expensive business card?

High Rankings helps your company website to climb the rankings of the major search engines, using search engine optimisation (SEO). By tapping into all the same local sites that your clients are using, High Rankings can optimise your business across 96.5% of New Zealander's favourite websites.

A high search ranking makes it simpler for new customers to find your products and services, browse your website and call you - or order online. Its not just about hits, its about building meaningful links with genuine clients. Talk to High Rankings today and we'll provide you with a free SEO consultation tailored to your website, with data showing how your company ranks and what your target customers are searching for. High Rankings turns pages of local search engine data into real dollars for your business - so instead of being an expensive business card, your website becomes an incredibly powerful sales tool.





What is Search Engine Optimisation?

When your customers search for your products or services, they use search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. They spit out a list of results, starting with the highest-ranking site. How do the search engines decide how to rank the websites?

It's a mixture of factors, including: whether the words on your site match the search words, how much traffic your site has, how regularly you update your content and how many other sites link to yours. Increasing your ranking takes a bit of time, a bit of effort and a reasonable injection of expertise. High Rankings provides the expertise you need, at a cost-effective price.  

How can High Rankings improve your Search Engine Ranking?

We can improve your search engine ranking using a number of methods, including:

  •  Keywords, identifying the best search terms to use in order to target new customers
  •  Directory submissions, adding your site to a wide range of directories to raise its profile
  •  Link building, to build the number of other sites which link to yours
  •  Custom-tailored SEO copywriting to attract customers and feature keywords
  •  Developing an ongoing strategy for new SEO content
  •  Analysis of your current position and ongoing data analysis to monitor the improvements in your ranking

What makes High Rankings stand out from the crowd?


We've been doing SEO for 14 years - there are few web specialists in New Zealand with our level of experience.
We don't just optimise your site to get more hits, because you don't make money from hits.  We aim to drive genuine customers to your site - the ones who want to spend money with your business, not simply hundreds of hits from the other side of the world. 
Because we're targeting genuine buyers, we use local New Zealand data and search terms.  If your site is optimised for US words and US data, you'll get loads of hits, which is great if you're selling mainly to the USA, but useless if you're offering a local product or service.